Working with the right partners from the very beginning can save time and money. We work closely with all of our customers from the earliest stages of a project and thanks to our range of complementary services, we can deliver value right through the project from concept to completion.

How we can help you

We have a team of specialist project managers dedicated to new construction projects, with a proven track record opposite the U.K.'s major developers, architects, main contractors and local government. Often involved in delivering high quality, prestigious projects, we understand the importance of well organised integrated teams.

From the very start we can be on hand to provide the design team with technical and product advice and if required, give more creative input regarding the most suitable finishes, colours and special effects.

As the project progresses, our managers will work closely with your teams to overcome any problems you may encounter, calling upon technical or design support and if appropriate, specific product development.

To save you time and money towards completion, we have a complete supply chain management solution. We have an unrivalled national distribution network, providing immediate and reliable product availability and support which is second to none. If necessary, we can deliver in bulk, direct from our factories. We are also experienced in dealing with environmental impacts and waste management issues and will work within your teams to help you to deliver the most suitable solutions within these areas.