We understand that people concerned with Education need to focus exactly on that! From primary school to adult education, those concerned with teaching want to do so in an environment that is conducive to learning. The Building Schools for the Future Programme will provide this for many communities but for others, everyday building maintenance can still be a major distraction.

Whilst schools may welcome the chance to manage their own financial affairs, we recognise that this does not mean that head teachers and Bursars wish to become full time Facilities Managers. For those larger organisations who can afford a professional in such a role, support is still required with the rather more specialist area of design and coatings protection.

Over all of this, balancing this year's budget, long term savings and the primary need to have a fully functioning building available during term time is a major challenge.

How we can help you

We have specialist help available at all points of the building cycle, from new construction through to maintenance.

As part of the Building Schools for the Future programme, we are already working with major construction groups and architects, contributing to design and specifications which ensure that buildings look great and also perform well throughout their life time.

At a regional level, we work with Local Authorities to offer guidance on products and systems to extend maintenance cycles. A particular success has been our new Diamond range of products which offer an attractive but high durability finish to this most demanding of environments.

We also believe very strongly that the desire for easy maintenance should not lead to places of learning becoming 'institutionalised' through the use of monochromatic colour schemes. Above all, our schools and colleges are there to inspire our young people and we can believe that colourful and appropriate re-decoration schemes have a major role to play in this, and that we have the expertise to help you provide them.

At a local level, our advice centre is on hand to answer technical queries from individual schools and our extensive network of Dulux Decorator Centres and other distributors can both provide expert advice and the products you need.

For those without their own maintenance teams, our network of Dulux Trade Contract Partners provides a source of reliable, skilled painting contractors who will work with us to provide you with the maintenance solutions that you require.

In addition we have a national team of Specifier Account Managers who can help you choose the correct and minimise patient and staff disruption, as well as saving on costs.

We also have some specialist products, such as Dulux Trade Sterishield which have been formulated specifically for the needs of Healthcare facilities to contribute to infection control.

We believe this to be a unique combination of products, manpower and expertise to help achieve many of the objectives required by the modern NHS and private healthcare sector.