Colour in the built environment

Colour plays an important role in the environment within which we live, work and play, and has a dramatic effect in changing and improving the aesthetic appeal of particular areas.

Whether colour is used in school corridors and classrooms, hospital wards and waiting rooms, childrenÂ’s play areas or boundary fencing, the colours utilised affect our perceptions of the environment that surrounds us. The colours chosen in these areas can have an inspirational uplifting effect or conversely they can create drab unwelcoming situations.

The re-decoration of housing stock, schools and other public buildings is obviously a primary concern and affects all of the people that use them. We are committed to helping our clients to deliver safe, stimulating and colourful environments for their customers, pupils and employees.

At ICI Paints we have a strong tradition of innovation in the use and development of colour and have dedicated resource available to assist our clients in producing the most appropriate solutions for their projects. This combined with our 'Total Solutions' approach to asset management programmes ensures that we are best placed to handle all of your requirements.

We have a team of Colour Consultants available for help on larger projects, or alternatively an office-based team at Slough.