Whole life cycle costings

The principles of procuring via Best Value ensure that costs are not looked at in terms of the current time or budget period, but in terms of the long term costs and value for money associated with Asset Management Programmes. This enables elements such as durability, sustainability and the cost prior to paint repairs to be considered, in effect looking at the products and services purchased in terms of their life time value (LTV) to an organisation.

ICI Paints in conjunction with the Whole Life Cost Forum and Constructing Excellence has developed an approach to Whole Life Costing (WLC) which is consistent with both the principles of Best Value and Partnering, and builds upon our 'Total Solutions' best fit site specific specification services.

This approach allows the most appropriate products to be utilised on projects, based on initial costs, durability, sustainability requirements and the desired aesthetic finish, all of which are chosen in terms of the required re-decoration cycle.

As an example, we understand that to create best value, you don't use products with eight year durability or more on a three year re-decoration cycle, nor use standard finishes on a project where extensive durability is required. This is important, because not everyone thinks like this!

We know that the products chosen, level of preparation required and desired maintenance cycle are all key considerations to delivering improved value for money, given the variable costs associated with access equipment, prior to paint repairs & labour.

Our Whole Life Cost model allows easy comparison of alternative paint systems, in terms of balancing initial and long term recurring costs to deliver the required end result. The model is designed to demonstrate to clients how they can achieve significant benefits through the extension of maintenance cycles, reduction of ongoing costs and delivery of Best Value.

If you wish to use this model against your own maintenance requirements, your local ICI contact will be pleased to help you.