Polycell Trade painting aids

Whatever you're looking for, with Polycell Trade you know you're choosing a product you can trust 100% for performance, quality and value for money.

  • Polycell Trade Polycell Stain Block

    Permanently covers a great number of different stains, such as nicotine, soot, rust, grease, ballpoint pen and lipstick.

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  • Polycell Trade Polyclens All Purpose Wipes

    Large multi-purpose wipes which are ideal for cleaning paint, woodstain, sealant, adhesive, grease, dirt and oils from tools, surfaces and UPVC.

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  • Polycell Trade Polyclens Brush Cleaner

    Removes stubborn paint, grease and many other stains from clothes, fabrics and furnishings. Allows repeated heavy usage without topping up with fresh material and is completely water rinsable.

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  • Polycell Trade Polysmooth Skimming Knife

    A specially designed skimming knife for use when applying Easyskim.

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  • Polycell Trade Textured Coating Remover

    A water based formulation that removes textured coatings from walls and ceilings with less mess and fuss.

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