What have we done?

The VOC 2010 legislation means that the solvent content of all solvent based paints has to be reduced significantly.

Dulux Trade has led the way in reformulating non compliant formulations with a completely new resin system.

Some of the solvent in our standard solvent-based trim products was replaced with an advanced high performance resin with the result that VOC 2010 compliant products contain LESS SOLVENT and MORE RESIN.

How can I know whether a product is VOC 2010 compliant?

Within Dulux Trade, all of our water-based products were already VOC 2010 compliant. Our solvent-based trim paints had to be re-formulated. To make choosing our products easy, we have devised a symbol that will be featured on all of our solvent-based, VOC 2010 compliant products.

Furthermore, on the bottom of the back of all products is a statement detailing the 2010 VOC limit for each individual product and as well as their current VOC content.

Watch the Dulux Trade 2010 VOC Legislation video