Cuprinol Trade treatments and fillers

Providing a comprehensive range of preservers, treatments and fillers formulated to offer a professional solution for every situation, from rot and infestation to decayed and degraded woods.

  • Cuprinol Trade 5 Star Complete Wood Treatment (T)

    A colourless, deep penetrating, multi-purpose treatment for the treatment of dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.

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  • Cuprinol Trade All Purpose Wood Filler

    A quick-drying, tough, durable wood filler for general wood repairs indoors and outdoors. Easy to use and long lasting, it flexes with the natural movement of wood making it ideal for use on windows, skirting boards and other wood surfaces.

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  • Cuprinol Trade High Performance Wood Filler

    A tough durable one pack wood filler for small repairs.

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  • Cuprinol Trade Ultra Tough Wood Filler

    A fast setting, high performance wood filler for the filling of a hole any size or depth.

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  • Cuprinol Trade Ultra Tough Wood Hardener

    A wood hardener is for repairing timber decayed by wet rot, particularly in window and door joinery, which binds and strengthens loose wood fibres prior to filling.

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  • Cuprinol Trade Woodworm Killer (T)

    A colourless treatment for use against all forms of interior woodworm attack. It eradicates woodworm and prevents re-infestation.

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