Colour of the Year 2011

In keeping with our overall theme of 'Appreciation', we are looking towards qualities of freshness and openness.

The Colour of the Year is a light, airy, citrus yellow that symbolises a freer spirit, sense of fun and positive energy. This clear, clean and translucent yellow encapsulates a mood of hope and optimism - a carefree, vitamin packed shot of purity and freedom. The slight green edge gives it newness over egg yolk tones of yellow and perfectly reflects our appreciation of nature and man made materials, as it feels both organic and technological.

Though very different, it is surprisingly flexible and works with a huge array of related and contrasting shades to create colour schemes which are soothing, sparkling or challenging depending on how the tones are co-ordinated. Ideal combinations are true cool neutrals, deepest berry violets, crisp blues or airy sorbet pastels.

Colour schemes

For the first time ever you can now order a 'theme' pack for the colour of the year. The pack is made-up of two colour schemes created by the colour experts at AkzoNobel to utilise the colour of the year.

Colour scheme one

Colour scheme two

89YY 78/269

Order a colour chip

You can order a free A8 colour chip of 89YY 78/269 - ideal for colour references and presentations for you and your clients.

Colour of the Year 2011 Postcard