"The Dulux Language of Colour will help you create professional looking colour schemes every time - simply stick to colours within the same mood, such as fresh."
Lisa Pilley, Dulux Trade Colour Consultant

Colour that inspires

Dulux Language of Colour

The Dulux Language of Colour can help you decide which kind of look you want to achieve. The four moods create a range of distinctive decorating styles.

  • Fresh colours have the following characteristics: Pure, clean, crisp and breezy

    They include a wide range of shades from bright to the palest pastels - great for maximising light in a room and for making dark rooms appear lighter.

    Skill level: Low

  • Warm colours have the following characteristics: Comfortable, gentle, cosy and welcoming

    They create inviting atmospheres, perfect for rooms where people might want to relax.

    Skill level: Low

  • Calm colours have the following characteristics: Muted, soft, subtle and tranquil

    They create understated sophisticated interiors - the high level of grey creates muted chalky colours that are ideal for south facing rooms.

    Skill level: Medium

  • Rich colours have the following characteristics: Strong, dynamic, powerful and bold

    They include dark shades to mid tone colours and are great as accent colours or for adding drama and impact.

    Skill level: High