Colour of the Year 2010

In keeping with our overall theme of 'Reclaim', we are looking towards the qualities of truth, integrity, openness and hope. The Colour of the Year is an airy and optimistic blue that symbolises infinite horizons, new beginnings, renewed energy and a positive dynamic.

This clear, transparent shade encapsulates a sense of purity and goodness - a hopeful and chemical free colour full of possibility. It puts over an image of vast skies, breezy ozone freshness and the energy and essentiality of water. Given these associations plus the fact that it is a receding colour it will always create a sense of space.

Blue, in colour psychology terms, is the colour associated with sky and sea. Airy light blues are recognised as being refreshing, soothing and liberating. They are good in helping to combat mental strain and stress, physical tiredness and feelings of exhaustion whilst at the same time being re-energising and encouraging fresh starts. They are also thought to enhance powers of communication which can help to promote feelings of confidence.

A balance of the spiritual and the intellectual is represented by the allusion to air, sky and water - the freedom of the spirit married to the rationality of the mind; the vision of the artist to the knowledge of the scientist. Both in interior and exterior settings this blue has an important role to play. It complements perfectly the contemporary materials and modern neutrality of glass, steel and concrete, but also works with stronger and more traditional interior shades such as crimson, burgundy, plum, teal, pewter and gold.

This colour speaks of hope and clarity - a pure, clean and unpolluted direction for the future of our planet; a chance to reclaim possibility with renewed vigour and energy - the clear new horizon of tomorrow.

70BG 70/113Airy, Open & Hopeful

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