Special process colours

Some strong colours, cannot be made with the same hiding power as other colours if they are to have satisfactory durability and purity of colour.

When these colours are to be used on rough surfaces, or where a marked difference in colour is to be made, additional coats or special processes may be necessary.

As a general guide, colours from the Dulux Trade fandeck that meet the criteria below are likely to require additional coats.

  • BB, RB, BG colours with a chroma value greater than 350
  • YY, YR,GY colours with a chroma value greater than 450
  • RR and GG colours with a chroma value greater than 400

Chroma is shown by the last three digits of the Dulux Colour Notation and describes the intensity of the colour.

This is not an exclusive list. Contact the Trade Technical Advice Centre to confirm colour requirements.

For further information regarding special processes, see guidance note PLGN 1.08 Special process colours in the Specification section of this site.